FilterSmart Water Systems: Homeowners’ Best Choice for Water Treatment

The whole house water treatment industry has its prominent brands and one of them is the FilterSmart Water. Founded by brothers Colin and Dan that have years of experience in water treatment. “We saw a shift in the Industry and saw a great opportunity to focus on that shift.” What's even best about FilterSmart Water Systems is the fact that it does not use salt, water-saving, eco-friendly, and it requires no electrical energy. Actually, changing the salt based systems hat have come under scrutiny in recent years for the effect they have on the environment is the main purpose of the creation of these systems.

In California and in the whole US, more and more districts are stopping the use of salt-based “ion exchange” equipments. Due to the existence of FilterSmart, homeowners learned to become more careful in the water that they drink each day. Numerous homeowners these days would rather opt for “soft” water than the ones that has chlorination and chemical based compounds, that is the reason why they filter it. Calcium and magnesium are being removed and replaced with sodium by the salt water softeners and this makes the water as “soft”. As a result, folks drink water with sodium rather than water which has natural minerals. The founder of FilterSmart said “the old way of treating residential water has changed the previous few years. Homeowners would like filtered water full of healthy minerals without the added sodium”.

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Such change put Culligan on the verge of bankruptcy; Culligan is one of the best companies in terms of salt softeners. “We have gone against the grain and focused on filtering and offering a new salt free water conditioner that treats hard water without sodium or chemicals.” FilterSmart has altered the way Americans think about water. The truth is, lots of property owners and customers have displayed interest to the systems.

A breaking-point has been discovered by the business when the American tap water quality was declining. FilterSmart saw this billion dollar business as a very good chance to make use of their systems, as well as benefit the business. As a matter of fact, fracking caught the attention of many as water quality is concerned.

“We want to replace all salt based systems in America. Homeowners have been duped into buying salt softeners over the last 30 years that are not only environmentally unfriendly but are also incredible bad for your health. Basically they are useless!” as stated by co-founder Dan. After all this time, homeowners have finally started questioning the salt based softeners they have been utilizing for so long. FilterSmart see to it that their clients will able to acquire the sustainable water treatment, for this reason they choose to use reusable tanks so that even if the filtering media is already defunct, they can still use it. You don’t need to worry about purchasing a brand new system as well because they will directly send you a replacement carbon for it.

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Assured that all the parts and tanks of their system come with a lifetime warranty. With this, house owners can say that there is no single penny wasted in their money.

It can’t be refused that FilterSmart have already tried other ways in water treatment. The reason behind this is that they are trying to handle issues and issues in treating water which has worried many householders. Hence, it is no longer astonishing that FilterSmart is a water purifying company that is on the leading edge in providing clean and healthy water for everyone. They've got a good client satisfaction rate based on their system. The truth is, the firm only has 1 percent system return which is by far the lowest rate in comparison to other businesses around. Additionally, the company provides a 90 day trial and they can also return your cash if your unsatisfied with their service, all these offers serves to empower fulfillment among customers. Colin said that the company’s brand is well-loved by its clients, and it is due to the fact that they provide clean and quality water. He also said that, “We want our systems in every home in America to last for generations.”

Colin sees a future in which their system is still getting used. You can check out the web page  you can check out the system and purchase it in direct means. Installing the system is very simple even if you have only little plumbing knowledge and this is one of the advantages of this system. Installation may be a confusing work to do but you don’t have to worry about it. You might also hire the local installers to help you during the installation and you can call them in AngiesList.

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